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Keep it fun and positive always!

As a House League Coach, you need to always remember the philosphy of Amherst Soccer is to focus on player and skill development and not entirely focus on winning.  Competition is good since it helps us to guage our progress but, a winning team should not be the primary focus of this league, especially at 8 and 10. 

  1. We dont keep scores, standings or statistics in House (recreational) League soccer
  2. Games should start promptly to stay on schedule.  Encourage arrival at least 15 minutes prior to game time to prepare to play.  Please allow the referees to take the lead on keeping time and schedule.
  3. Make sure all of your players have shin guards on (under their socks) and jewelry removed.  No hats are to be worn.
  4. Check the playing field for hazards quickly before the game
  5. Check to assure the goalposts are anchored
  6. All referee decisions are final.  No arguing or challenging calls.  IF NECESSARY, TALK TO THE REF AT HALFTIME NOT DURING PLAY.   The referees are mostly newly certified and very young.  Give them the courtesy of allowing them to gain more experience without harrassement.  Referees are taught to not listen to coaches talking to them during the game unless it is a request to substitute or a polite conversation during halftime or post game.  Do not distract the referees by continuing to complain about or ask for clarification on calls that have passed.
  7. Referees are instructed to explain their calls to the players that dont seem to completely know the rules yet.
  8. Hostile actions toward referees subject a coach to ejection from the league.
  9. Players must stay on their feet - no sliding or slide tackling allowed - and should not try to play the ball when on the ground.
  10. Each player MUST play at least 50% of EVERY game they attend
  11. Each player should have the opportunity to play every position during the season. 
  12. If you have trouble finding those that will play goalkeeper, set a rule that everyone will play at least 1/2 of a game during the season when you ask them to without dissent.  If you have a volunteer to play goal, that is fine but, at young ages all players should be learning every position.
  13. If one team is dominating play, since standings are of no consequence, you should adjust accordingly to equalize the game.  For instance, give the players a goal that they must do something challenging before they can score again.  Examples are:  5 consecutive passes before a shot can be taken, no shots within the box, shots only with the non-dominant foot, shots only off a drop pass, play players in positions they are weaker at, etc.
  14. If a team is short players at game time for any reason, you should ask some of your players to play for the visiting team.  The idea is to give alot of playing time to everyone.  Try sharing players for a half and then switching with other players if they object.
  15. All teams should line up and shake hands following the end of each game
  16. No one is permitted to stand or sit behind a goal during the game.
  17. Coaches must coach from the area near their bench (20 feet in either direction) and refrain from running up and down the sidelines to coach.
  18. Coaches must stay on their half of the sideline at all times
  19. Coaches are NEVER allowed on the field during the game UNLESS the referee WAVES you on to deal with an injury.  Do not run onto the field as soon as you notice an injury.  Soccer is a contact sport and players will deal with it if we allow them to.  Most injuries are not serious
  20. Parents and spectators should be on the opposite side of the field from the coaches and players.  U8 parents and spectators should be on the outside of the field area and coaches and players on the inside.
  21. Only 3 coaches maximum will be allowed with the players.
  22. At U8, the groups rotate through to the next higher numbered field.
  23. Please look around and pick up water bottles, items left behind, etc. before you leave the field
  24. Be alert for lightning and get everyone into cars immediately if it is seen

See the RULES FOR HOUSE SOCCER LEAGUE page for more information.

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