Can I play for more than one club?

DUAL CARDS.  (This effects a small number of the players we roster each year that want to play as much soccer as possible and also play with their friends in Amherst). 

At this time of year, some parents are opting to have their child tryout for a Premier -for-profit club.  These teams usually have their own rules about continuing to participate in other sports throughout the year and with other soccer clubs.  Please check with the club you are considering before signing on to understand the full costs, time and travel commitment and restrictions.

The Premier club will most likely require that you make first or primary commitment to them. In that case, it would be totally up to the coach of ASA as to whether to retain or select your child to be on the ASA roster as a secondary player.  What this indicates, is that the coach must be comfortable with the level of participation you will have at practices, games and tournaments throughout the year.  Some coaches are fine with this but, you must have a conversation with BOTH clubs/teams to assure that all are satisfied.  Some coaches will expand their roster to allow a dual card player to participate at a lower level.  REMEMBER, THIS IS A COACH MANAGEMENT DECISION AND SHOULD BE AGREED TO UP FRONT.,  Before you speak to the ASA coach, it would be wise to fully discuss with the premier coach to understand the scope of their program plans.

Below are the rules for allowing a dual card by our league and followed by ASA.  These are subject to change from year to year and this is the current rule.


Dual Registration is defined as rostering a player on a youth team playing in BWNYJSL and on a second youth team not playing in BWNYJSL. (this is the local league that Amherst and every other community based club participates in.)  A player cannot be on two rosters in the same league whether ASA, Clarence, etc.  Premier teams are not allowed in BWNYJSL

Dual registered players are allowed in all age groups at the A an B divisions (alternately First and Second divisions), with the following limitations: 1. Teams are limited to 3 dual registered players. 2. Once a dual registered player is rostered to a BWNYJSL team, they cannot be moved to another BWNYJSL team, even within the same club, absent approval by the BWNYJSL Board. 3. The BWNYJSL Board may approve rostering dual registered players on C or lower division (alternately Third or lower divisions) teams. Teams that did not receive prior Board approval will be subject to disciplinary action by the League.


A player shall be rostered to one team and one team only participating in this league. A player can carry either a primary or secondary player pass, however if the player carries two passes, the other pass must be for another *TEAM* not participating in the Thruway League. ( this means that if the FLASH team and the ASA team are both playing Thruway League, the player can be on one roster only)

ASA has a couple teams that are a highly skilled team play in this more competitive league.  Check with your coach.


Secondary Rostering: A player shall be rostered to one team and one team only in their age group in this league. A player can carry either a primary or secondary player pass, however if the player carries two passes, the other pass must be for a roster in another age group or another league

Basically the same as the other leagues


Players must be PRIMARY rostered to the team participating in the competition.


Hopefully this helps you make your decisions regarding participation, costs, time and please consider that some clubs discourage participation in other sports, unlike Amherst who allows and encourages leniency from the coaches for those that want to play hockey, basketball or other activities during the winter training period and only asks for soccer to be the primary commitment outdoors.  Also be aware that ASA requires all players at ages 9-12 to receive opportunities to play multiple positions throughout the year and equal playing time over the course of the season no matter the level of team.  

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