Inclement Weather & Cancellation Guidelines

Soccer is played in the Rain! Our buildings are open unless a driving ban!


With the advent of the snowy season and possible driving or school closings, this is the policy of Amherst Soccer regarding closures:


Any cancellation of games will be made at the fields at game time.  Only in rare situations will sessions be canceled


  • The NARC is a town-owned facility and is closed only if there is a driving ban in Amherst
  • The Village Glen is leased by Amherst Soccer and will only be closed in extreme circumstances
  • EPIC Center and Sahlens are private facilities and should be contacted for closure.

If school is closed, all facilities are likely to still run programs and be open for all who desire to attend.  Severe conditions will result in decisions being made at that time.  Individual decisions on attendance are expected and should be communicated to your coach to allow for preparations and decisions that are team based.

Travel team coaches may make the decision to cancel a practice on their own but, are responsible to notify ASA and their families

Saturday HOUSE and U6 NARC and VG games will not be cancelled unless a town wide driving ban or severe blizzard conditions make conditions of travel dangerous.

There will be no reschedules of any games if cancellation is necessary.

If there is to be a closure or cancellation, ASA will email and post online this information as early as possible in the day.  Some storms that occur late in the day preclude early notification.  In all cases, we will try to take the safety of all into consideration.


Any cancellation of games will be made at the fields at game time.  Only in rare situations will sessions be canceled and announced in advance.  Canceling games in advance is difficult mainly because of varying weather patterns across town or at different times throughout the day.


  1. The decision should be made with the general agreement of the coaches and the referee.  Please do not cancel unless weather is severe.  ASA does not guarantee that games can be rescheduled.  If we encounter those rare storms that require a general cancellation, we will attempt to reschedule a slate of games but, individual games will not be rescheduled. 
  2. Sessions will be held in the rain unless severe or extremely cold 
  3. Time slots will be immediately delayed, postponed or canceled in the event of thunder, lightning or hail.  In these situations, participants, spectators, coaches and referees should seek immediate shelter (e.g., building or automobile).  Referees should blow the whistle 3 times to alert players.    
    A comment regarding lightning: lightning can strike as far as 10 miles away from the rain area in a thunderstorm.    If you can hear thunder or see lightning, SEEK SHELTER IMMEDIATELY!  Also, wait at least 30 minutes after the last clap of thunder before leaving shelter – do not be fooled by sunshine or blue sky!  Do not wait to see lightning.  If you see lightning, immediately suspend play and proceed to cars. 
  4. Consideration to delay or cancel a time slot should be given for downpours, freezing rain, severe wind gusts and temperature extremes. 
  5. Play should be suspended or moved if the fields are determined to be hazardous to players.  This includes, but is not limited to, significant potholes or mud holes on the field, excessive water on the field, improperly secure goal posts and dangerous objects on the field.



Canceled Games

  1. If all games for the day are canceled, then the Coordinators will attempt to re-schedule the games.
  2. Individual games that are canceled will not be rescheduled.  If the two coaches wish to play, they can make arrangements to play on a week night or open field location.  Referees will not be rescheduled.   
  3. Weather related cancellations and partial cancellations will be avoided.
  4. Games stopped after the second half of play has started are considered complete by rule.


Please remember, the intention of the game is to have FUN!  Always use conservative judgment when dealing with the safety of our children, especially considering unpredictable weather conditions and playing surfaces.   Please report any problems to the House Coordinators regarding fields, posts and nets.

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