Called 6U (2018/19 BIRTH YEARS)

The Amherst Soccer Association provides an Instructional program. The sessions are held on Saturday mornings for an hour during outdoor during the spring and fall and indoor during the winter.  No practices will be held.  See age matrix for birth date range.

At Registration, you will choose the hour to participate on Saturday mornings.  Each hour is limited and you are expected to attend only the hour you registered for.  No need to contact us or expect any messages before we start as once you receive a confirmation that you registered and paid, you just show up ready to play prepared with the items below.

 You DO NOT need to buy a uniform for this program

Outdoor at North French Soccer Complex, 1699 North French Rd, 14068 at 900, 1015 or 1130 am.

  • Fall  is played in September and October
  • Spring  is played in May and June

Winter sessions at the North Amherst Rec Center on a Saturday at 10 or 11 am.  Check registration

  • Indoor Session 1 begins in November and runs for 6 weeks, excluding Thanksgiving
  • Indoor Session 2 runs for 6 weeks beginning in February
  • Indoor Session 3 is March-April
  • If you mail in your payment please be sure to send a check or money order for appropriate amount to cover that session. (Please note that a $25 charge will be assessed for all returned checks. There are no refunds once registration closes.) Applications are accepted on a first come / first serve basis according to postmark or timestamp for those that register online. Forms cannot be faxed, emailed or dropped off. SPACE IS VERY LIMITED TO approximately 50 PER SESSION OUTDOORS AND 25 INDOORS!
    • Interested players must complete their registration by the date determined for each session.  Please provide a valid e-mail address so that a confirmation of your registration can be sent.
    • When registering do not order a uniform.  A t-shirt will be provided the first day.

League Schedule: This sessions run 6 weeks.  All players should bring a size #3 soccer ball and must wear shin guards under soccer socks and bring a water bottle.  . 

Eligibility: Child must be born between the dates listed (currently 2018-19)) indicated on the age matrix.  Any child born before these or after these dates are not eligible for this program.

Snacks: At this level, parents should bring their own child’s drink/snack. No "team snack" will be provided. Please bring your own water or sports drink.

Teams: We will not have formal teams, leagues or score keeping. Soccer will be geared toward having fun, socializing, with a little learning about the game of soccer. We respect and understand the attention span and physical limitations of the children in this age range (those turning 5 or 6 during the current soccer year). This program is not about making polished players, but instead, it is our hope that the kids will have FUN, become a bit more fit, and learn about themselves and others through the game of soccer. We will be instructing the children in basic rules of the game and the fundamental skills of the sport.  The Program is run by our experienced Coaching Director and helpers.  It will consist of small skill group activities and then some simple game-like activities to give the little ones a chance to use what they learned and score goals.  

At this age level, A RESPONSIBLE ADULT IS REQUIRED TO STAY DURING ALL SESSIONS since we don't have the capability to contact you in the case of a problem with your child.   Please keep this in mind when registering.


If you have any questions, email us at





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