Rosters and Passes


Please remember that once you have all your kids paid and registered, you will need to send me a uniform order form containing  a listing of your players with their:

·       jersey numbers and your team name

·       to



You must also make sure that your coach’s pass is valid.  No Coaches or Assistants or Managers can be placed on a team if they do not have a valid pass.   ALL THREE ON EACH TEAM.

The roster and players passes will be generated and I will leave them in the VG office for you.  You will need the roster for indoor play and tournaments outdoors.  The roster without addresses and dates of birth is to be copied (2 per outdoor game) and brought to all outdoor games with the passes.

If you do not have a valid Risk Management/Coach’s Pass contact the to process one.  Every team must have a valid pass for their Coach, Assistant and Manager before I can generate a roster.  You must also have a pass with you to be on the sideline during games (maximum 3 adults).



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