Travel Coaches Announced

Coaches Confirmed for "A" Teams CHANGES MADE 7/31

The Amherst Soccer Association announces our travel "A" coaches for the 2017-2018 season.  All second team coaches will be announced after tryouts and "A" teams are selected.  

BOYS 2017-2018 Travel A Coaches
2007/11u Perry Ciambella
2006/12u Jeff Bird
2005/13u Trevor Lawler ***
2004/14u Trevor Lawler ***
2003/15u Stu Haney ***
2002/16u Dave Lamastra
2001/17u Brendan Lawler ***
2000/18u Gary Jones ***

We do not form A teams at 9 and 10.  19u team will be formed if enough interest.

GIRLS 201702018 Travel A Coaches
2007/11u Jeff Angiel/Scott Swenson co-coaches
2006/12u Amy Graser ***
2005/13u Kevin Rivera/Glenn Woolingham co-coaches
2004/14u TBD
2003/15u Sal Bonetto
2002/16u TBD
2000-2001/18u Jay Ingerson


2009/9u Girls Laura Shopp
2008/10u Girls Jim Griffin/Will Schulmeister
2009/9u Boys Scott Fisher
2008/10u Boys TBD
2008/10u Boys TBD

*** indicates a non-parent coach.  If a player accepts a spot on these teams there will be additional fees assessed for a small stipend for the non-parent.  


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