Next session to begin November 4, 2017@ 6:30pm at the Village Glen  -  162 Mill Street  Williamsville

We really need volunteer coaches, especially during the first hour.
Volunteers (ages 13 and older) are needed as on the field "coaches" with our athletes. Adult volunteers are also needed to assist with registration and volunteer supervision.
The program is set to run on the following dates:
November  4-11-18
December 2-9-16
January 6-13-20-27
February 3-10-17-24
March 3

Volunteers will receive a highly fashionable and collectible Amherst Soccer t-shirt.

Open to all players with special needs.
Amherst Residency not required

If you have volunteered before and can volunteer again, that would be great. Our athletes will be looking for their "soccer buddies" from previous sessions.

Please e-mail
for more info or questions about TOPSoccer.
If you have friends that might be interested in helping, please pass this info on to them. In the past, volunteers have worked as a team with a friend.  Soccer experience is NOT necessary to be a volunteer with us at TOPSoccer.


We will have a volunteer orientation on 11/04 at 5:30PM at the Village Glen in our conference room. The orientation will take place right before the first TOPSoccer session.

Additionally,  Amherst Soccer Association is in need of corporate sponsors for our TOPSoccer program.  In 2017 ASA hosted over 55 athletes in our TOPSoccer program.  These athletes were assisted by over 125 community volunteers.

 Our program in Amherst is the only club based, club supported TOPSoccer program in our region.  We are looking for sponsors to off-set the costs associated with the purchase of specialized equipment (ie: over-sized soccer balls, visual aids, etc.) and shirts for our volunteer "soccer buddy" coaches.  We also have a desire to make this program available at no cost to any athlete that wants to participate.

 If you or your company are interested in supporting this great program, or if you can volunteer, please contact Janette Mulka for further information.




ASA Sponsors