Posted below and have been sent to the coaches

*** New schedules - as of May 13 ***

Assignments for the SPRING play have been sent to the coaches.  Please note, a new policy has been posted at the beginning or our registation page that says, "no requests for any reason will be honored".  Our volunteers cannot accommodate personal friend, carpool, coach requests when forming teams for up to 600 players in a ten day period.  The requests had become at least 50% of the total registrations.  We will try to form teams based upon school to try to keep groups of players together who can plan carpools or recognize friends.  Please remember this is town-wide program, unlike other sports, and when you register online during open registration can affect how close to home your team is.  Thanks for understanding. 

ALPHABETICAL ASSIGNMENT - see team column, compare to coach and schedule                           



SCHEDULES    New/Updated Schedules as of May 13

8 all Clearfield Rec Center, Hopkins Road near the Library between Maple and Klein

10B Played at North French in the back, 1699 North French Road, 14068  near the I-990               

10G Played at Clearfield Rec Center, Hopkins Road

12 Boys and Girls - Played at Paradise Park, near Casey Road on Paradise Road


14Coed  North French #5 

Coed HS North French #3 - see sign at sidewalk