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The House Program runs an outdoor league in both the Spring and Fall and two Winter indoor sessions. Ages run from 5 to 18, depending on date of birth (please see the Age Matrix at our Registration Center). We will try to have a group for boys and girls in each of these divisions, some may be coed, based on the number of registrants. We also run an Instructional Under 6 Program during the year.


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House Uniform - Starting September 2019. Used thru June 2021

House Uniform - Starting September 2019.  Used thru June 2021

Uniform Sizing

and info

Our soccer uniforms run approximately the following sizes.  You can always change your choice at...

What should I bring to Soccer Practice?

What about Games?

Shinguards:  Always wear your shinguards at games and practice and camps under your soccer socks. 
Cleats:   Although cleats are not...

Inclement Weather & Cancellation Guidelines

Soccer is played in the Rain! Our buildings are open unless a driving ban!


With the advent of the snowy season and possible driving or school closings, this is the policy of...


New! NYWEST Institutes policy regarding Coach and Parent conduct

We expect all parents, spectators and coaches to understand the conduct required at a soccer match. NY West,...

ASA Scholarship Program

The policy of the Amherst Soccer Association is that every effort will be made to ensure that children will not be deprived the opportunity of playing soccer in cases of financial hardship. For more...

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