2018 Travel Tryout Information

What happens now?

Question:  I attended tryouts the week of July 10-14, now what?

Answer:  We will discuss our data with the coaches and evalutors and send email offers to players for the "A" or first team around August 1.  This email will have an ACCEPT OR DECLINE feature.  If you accept, you will be directed to register and pay a deposit by credit card.  This acceptance must be completed within 5 days of the email receipt before we move on to the next player on the list and make an offer.  Once we pass the 5 day mark, we will begin the process of moving down the list to the next qualified player and also making offers for the "B" team players/placement.  We appreciate your Decline email if you have gone elsewhere or would rather play with your friends on a "B" team.  No one is required to accept the first offer to play "A"

Question:  I played last year and was away and missed the tryouts.  What do I do?

Answer:  If you are a returning player, we have plenty of information regarding your abilities and can make a decision based upon that.  If you are registered online and paid for tryouts, you are all set and will not be overlooked.  If you did not attend, you should have received and email assuring that you are interested in playing.  If you did not, email registrar@amherstsoccer.com

Question:  I have not played ASA travel and did not attend tryouts or missed them.  I am not registered for tryouts online.  What about me?

Answer:  Contact us at registrar@amherstsoccer.com to express your interest.  This is both resident and non-resident players alike.  IF we have space on a team, we can offer you a place after our coaching staff has a look at your abilities.  It is not likely you would receive an "A" team offer at this point.

Question:  I have offers from other clubs that I am considering or are pressing me for an answer.  What should I do, can I get a faster decision?

Answer:  We do the best we can but will not worry about what other clubs are doing or situations they may be putting you into.  You will have to make the decisions that are best for you.

Question:  How much do I have to pay?

Answer:  Please review our FAQ on the Travel page for more info.  Our basic deposit is $150 with the balance due on Oct 1 for a total ASA fee, including custom uniform of $435.  There will be more in specific team fees depending upon various factors.  See the FAQ for an example.  Most teams are around $600-800 including team and ASA fees for 9 months of play paid in three or four equal payments.  Some teams, which will be noted in the offer email, will have an additional fee to pay a stipend to a non-parent, non-volunteer coach.  If you accept a position on one of those teams your fee will be slightly higher.  If this is not acceptable, decline the offer and play on the "B" team.

Question:  When do we start travel?  Can I play Fall House league?

Answer:  We begin indoors November 1.  Teams will have a parent meeting around that time either before or when you start.  Fall House league does not conflict with travel and we encourage all of our 8 thru 12s to play fall house to continue to develop and for enjoyment of the game.  Most older players are playing modified or jv or varsite and won't have time but, if you want to play with friends, you too are welcome to register.  Once we start indoor, house soccer may be too much since you will be practicing twice a week and also possibly playing on a third day but, that is your family choice to decide and we welcome all registrations.




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